Keyboard - How to set different keyboard layout in 2N® Access Commander

2N® Access Commander (Linux console) is using standard English keyboard layout. In order to change the keyboard layout, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Access the Linux console of the virtual machine or the 2N® Access Commander box and log in using the root username and password. The default credentials are root/2n.


    You can access the 2N® Access Commander box over SSH by using the putty or MobaXterm program for example.

  2. Edit file /etc/default/keyboard using editor "nano" or "mcedit"
    To edit this file you have to type one of the commands below:
         mcedit /etc/default/keyboard
         nano /etc/default/keyboard

  3. Edit line "XKBLAYOUT" and change it to the desired keyboard layout:
         XKBLAYOUT=fr        - for AZERTY
         XKBLAYOUT=uk       - for AZERTY
         XKBLAYOUT=us       - for QWERTY
         XKBLAYOUT=de       - for QWERTZ
         XKBLAYOUT=cz        - for QWERTZ
         XKBLAYOUT=sk        - for QWERTZ
    and many more...

  4. Save your changes:
         mcedit - press F10
         nano - press "ctrl+x" and then press  "y" and Enter to confirm changes

  5. Restart the 2N® Access Commander by entering the reboot command or selecting the Reboot option in the Linux interface. 

Now you have the keyboard layout changed to your modified settings.