Database backup - How to backup database and how to capture a trace

  1. Configuration database – go to menu Administrator / File Manager / choose the path as it is shown in step 3 and with right mouse click button on the file Manager.db and choose option Export file.

  2. Trace file from the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel – log to the system, use the port 6990 and setup in advanced settings, download trace - Only new, go to the menu Administrator / Trace, right mouse click button and choose filter, active filter and verify that you see messages in the trace window, save it to file (outcome will be xzy.bin file).


  3. Wireshark trace – use the Wireshark sw to catch the data traffic. When you have a connection issue, take the trace from both sides (unit / server).

  4. Send us all data mentioned above. In case of an connection issue, topology of the network could be very helpful.