Direct call - How to set up Peer to Peer call


This FAQ regards configuration of 2N® SIP Audio Converter products to make direct call when there is no PBX in the network.

We highly recomend to always use the latest firmware

  • Here you can find the latest firmware for your 2N® SIP Audio Converter - here

Create an user

  1. Setting of a Peer to Peer call might be useful in scenarios when you want to use 2N® SIP Audio Converter as intercom. In such case you do not need a SIP proxy.
  2. Make sure to have all network cabling and hardware connected properly.
  3. Note IP addresses of IP telephones with which you want to call from 2N® SIP Audio Converter, make sure they accept direct SIP calls.
  4. Log in to web administration of 2N® SIP Audio Converter and navigate to Directory -> Users 
  5. Then fill in Phone Number in a format  "sip:ip_addressor "sip:x@ip_address
    (some SIP devices or applications may require this form with account name (<= …x@...)):
  6. Save changes.

Add user to the button

With firmware 2.24.0 and higher you need to assign the user to the button in section  Hardware -> Buttons  manually, if you wish to start the call by press of a button:

Connect an external button

  • 2N® SIP Audio Converter has no physical button to make calls therefore you need to connect an external button
  • The device is equipped with a digital input for an optional button. This input is available on the LOGIC IN terminal. Only external contact needed.