HTTP commands

HTTP commands are a very useful tool for interconnection of 2N® SIP Audio Converter with remote systems. Please note that HTTP commands are only available with PROFI license.

Inbound HTTP commands:

  • Advanced settings > Miscellaneous please allow switch control by HTTP commands.
  • Then you can send a HTTP command in specific format to 2N® SIP Audio Converter and control its switch according to its basic settings. You have to use following format of request: http://helios_ip_address/enu/lockstate.xml.p?lockXstate=Y, where X is the lock number (1-4) and Y is 0 for switch off, 1 for switch on and 2 for change over.

Outbound HTTP commands:

  • You can either send out a signal that a lock has been switched or control some remote device.
  • In Basic settings > lock please the type in the HTTP command which should be sent by your 2N® SIP Audio Converter when lock is opened and when it is closed. You can use both or one only.
  • If you just want to use HTTP lock without actually switching the relay of 2N® SIP Audio Converter, set Output relay to NONE. In such case you only have HTTP commands that will be sent.