RMA - What to check before the RMA process for 2N® SIP Audio devices

Please, follow the steps below what to check before you send the 2N® SIP Audio Converter / 2N® SIP Speaker  / 2N® SIP Speaker Horn device for repair:

Possible issues:

a) SIP Audio device does not boot up after plug in

b) SIP Audio device is not reachable in the network/can not be found in the Network scanner

c) SIP Audio device is not working correctly, device is connected but is not playing

add a) As a first step check out the LED signalisation and the electric installation of the device. This can be found here:


verify that the power source, either the PoE or External power source 12V DC is working correctly

add b) verify the correct Ethernet cabling and also other network components. Try also a different device in the same network

add c) verify a possible mechanical damage of the Speaker itself and also the setting of audio parameters in the section Hardware - Audio

Before you issue the RMA try also a reset of the device, either from programming Menu or a HW reset