2N® SingleTalk - Wont hang up automatically - What to do, if it wont hang up automatically?

Introduction to the issue:

If the operator does not correctly hang up the alarm call from the elevator car with the character 5 or #, 2N® SingleTalk (hereinafter referred to as ST) must recognize the busy tone to automatically end the call. If this busy tone is not according to the ETSI standard, the communication device ST is not able to recognize that the link has been dropped.


The ST communication device is automatically hung up after the time defined by parameter 912 - Maximum talk time. In most cases, however, by this time the switchboard will mark the telephone line where the ST is connected as non-functional and set the status to "fault". Only the control panel administrator is able to change this status.

Solution procedure:

Verify that the busy tone from the control panel is a standard ETSI* busy tone (the same applies to ST connected to an analog GSM gateway other than 2N® EasyGate) Record the cast tone (format: wav, mp3, aiff, wmv, arm) and contact your local partner

* busy tone parameters for the Czech Republic: 330ms tone / 330ms silence, tone frequency: 425Hz