ATA converter - How to connect 2N® SingleTalk via Well ATA-172P converter to VoIP server

2N® SingleTalk can be connected to VoIP server thanks to Well ATA-171P converter which fully supports SIP signalization protocol. So there is a possibility to register Well ATA 172-P converter to VoIP server which is the SIP based protocol server.

Between 2N® SingleTalk and Well ATA converter there is possible to integrate 2N® SmartGate analogue/GSM gateway in "dial thru" mode, then you will obtain possibility to route the call from analogue interface to VoIP/PSTN/GSM či UMTS network.

Tested versions:

  • 2N® SingleTalk version 12-02-02
  • 2N® SmartGate version 3.20Y
  • Well ATA-172P converter version p-107b

Compatibility test:

  • Audio call
  1. Connect ATA converter to LAN network and open web browser. Well ATA-172P has got default IP address Access details are Username: root Password: test

  2. The first change in the configuration which you need to set are tones for analogue units Management ->Tone (freq. 425Hz, times are 1 = 10ms,33 = 330ms). In the picture below you can see correct values.
  3. After filling in those values, confirm by “Submit”. As the next step save values to the unit by "Save Change".

  4. In the last step fill in access details for registration unit to the VoIP server. Go to the section SIP settings -> Service Domain. Fill "User Name", "Register Password" and "Proxy Server", those details must match the same ones you have created in your VoIP server. Confirm by “Submit”. Next save values to the unit by "Save Change". You can verify successful registration on side of Well ATA-171P by going into "Status" where you can see that the device has been registered.
  5.   In case you would like to use GSM/analogue gateway 2N® SmartGate mentioned above, then it is necessary to change setting of dial tone in the section "Tel. lines", to "Morse A" cadence.