Firmware upgrade - How to make a firmware upgrade on 2N® LiftIP


This FAQ briefly describes how to make FW upgrade of lift communicator 2N® LiftIP. Upgrade is made via  2N® LiftIP Service tool, which is configuration software for the device. FW is always part of service tool, therefore it is necessary to have the latest version of the software. Current version is always available on website

Connection to the device

Open 2N® LiftIP Service tool and on the toolbar on top choose Device->Connect device.

Now connect to the device, if you don't know IP address, then use FAQ How to get IP address of lift communicator 2N® LiftIP. Fill in IP address of the device, password (default is 2n) and click on connect.

FW upgrade of communicator 2N® LiftIP

Now go to section Device->Upgrade and choose desired version of FW. Then click on Upgrade. Now device will be upgraded.