Extending cancel input - How to use Cancel input?

Cancel input is used as a protection against intentional initiation of Alarm call.

How to set?

  1. Connect the door switch (door opening signal) to Cancel input on the device
  2. Measure maximum lift running time (i.e. while door is closed)
  3. Set parameter 974 regarding measured value


  1. Maximum lift time is 45 seconds
  2. Parameter 974 is set to value 47 (45 seconds plus 2 seconds as a reserve)

What happens?

  1. A person in the lift presses Alarm button
  2. Device is waiting 47 seconds whether it receives an impulse from the door switch
  3. If door opening signal is not sent, the device starts dial first stored phone number from the memory used for Alarm button
  4. During dialing procedure and during the call, Cancel input is ignored.