Troubleshooting - How to troubleshoot an issue on 2N® Lift products (ST)

2N® SingleTalk = ST

2N® LiftNet = LN

Necessary tools to have:

  1. Voltmeter
  2. Analogue phone
  3. Spare unit for the comparison test. Tested reliable unit!
  4. Replacement unit to exchange. In case of HW issue!
  5. Interception device – AZUCHO. To listen the behavior of analogue line (recommended)
  6. In case of LN, PC with newest service tool is required (recommended)

Most common issues during installations:

Incoming call to ST signal busy tone:

  • ST does not have enough power to hang up. Minimum off-hook power is 22V/15mA. Check by voltmeter!
  • Check position jumper of „Alarm input“. In case of negation (Pic. 1, ST will immediately initiate alarm call even if there is no number set. “Alarm button” is then in NC (normally closed) mode.

Incoming call to ST/LN signal dialing tone but unit does not pick up:

  • Verify dial tone cadence of particular analogue line - AZUCHO. Factory setting will detect only dial tone with conditions: Tone must be longer then 500ms and pause must be in range 1000ms to 6000ms.
  • In case of LN restart the central unit. If the fault persists, then contact 2N technical support!

Incoming call to ST/LN call is picked up, but DTMF tones do not open the programming menu.

  • Analogue line has some disturbance. This will distort those DTMF tones which are not recognized by DTMF detector. Use interception device - AZUCHO!
  • Noisy environment, only in case of ST. Call into the unit from your cell phone and reduce sensitivity of mic by clogging up the hole of mic using your finger.
  • Mind that you should not send DTMF tones from analogue phone which is switched to pulse dialing. 2N Lift products can receive tone dialing only!
  • Programming is disabled by jumper, see (Pic. 2)

Outgoing call does not work

  • Try to connect analogue phone to verify that the analogue line works properly!
  • Verify programmed phone number which is set under the parameter 011.
  • In case of LN unit, check the status of the 3rd LED diode in order to check the behavior on the bus. If it is blinks green and orange it means disturbance on the bus which have to be avoided.

 Quality grounding to avoid disturbance on the analogue line.

  • In case of LN unit you have to use grounded AC230V plug to power LN central unit. Inside of central unit there is ground connected between AC230V input and bus connector.
  • In case of ST you should have Lift panel in car unit well grounded or you can use one of the screws.