2N® OS Indoor Units - Doorbell - How to connect it to

This FAQ describes how to connect Doorbell (a button) to the 2N® OS Indoor Units - 2N® Indoor View, Compact, Talk.
With the button it is possible to call to the unit directly without using any other devices.
Upon pressing the button the unit starts ringing based on the configuration.


  • 2N® Indoor View or 2N® Indoor Compact or 2N® Indoor Talk, 2N® CLIP
  • Doorbell (button)
  • 2-wires cable

How to connect Doorbell

2N® Indoor View, 2N® Indoor Compact, 2N® Indoor Talk

Connect 2-wires button to the unit.


How to change Doorbell sound

Please go to web page - Services - User Sounds and set Sound Mapping according to your need, you can upload your own sound as well.

To modify sound volume please go to web page - Hardware - Audio and set Phone Call Volume according to your need.

Events history

  • Events history saves all calls done by the button