Factory reset - How to make a factory reset on 2N® Analog Intercom

All the intercom parameters, including the keypad ones, are set remotely using any tone-dialling telephone set (or a mobile phone). First call the intercom and enter the programming mode. The access to this mode is service password protected.

A voice menu is available in the programming mode and so you need not use this manual to program standard parameters. The menu is stored in the intercom memory in the default language. Having entered the full parameter or memory number, you can hear how the parameter has been programmed, thus checking the programmed numbers for correctness.

All parameters are stored safely in the non-volatile EEPROM memory.

The following three functions facilitate your programming by clearing all previous settings:

  • 997 – deletes the entire password list for switch including password 00.
  • 998 – deletes memories of all buttons (01 - 02) plus Arrival/Departure and Day/Night passwords.
  • 999 – clears the whole memory and resets the default values (see the chart).