How to use an external RFID reader 125kHz EMarine (USB interface)

Order No: 9137420E

If you are adding an RFID card/fob to the intercom or Access unit using an External 125 kHz RFID USB Card Reader, note, you do not need a specific driver. The external 125 kHz RFID reader works similar to a keyboard. It sends codes of top (row) numeric keyboard. This requires setup an English keyboard in your system.

  1. Setup English keyboard in the system.

  2. Go to the web interface of the device. Section Directory / Users / Specific user / User Cards.

  3. Click your mouse to the Card ID field. Make sure this field is completely empty.

  4. Swipe your RFID card/for over the External 125 kHz RFID reader.
    (The code is automatically translated from DEC to HEX)

  5. Save settings


                                                       firmware 2.23.1 and older:

                                                    firmware 2.24.0 and later:

Note: If you are adding an RFID to Access Commander using the External reader, there is a different procedure.