MicroSD card - List of tested 3rd party MicroSD cards

2N® Indoor Touch is equipped by a memory card slot for FW upgrade or for an installation of 3rd party applications.

Memory card type: microSD, microSD HC
Capacity: up to 16GB

List of tested microSD cards


  • micro SDHC class 4 4GB
  • micro SDHC I class 4 8GB
  • micro SDHC class 4 16GB
  • micro SDHC I class 10 16GB


  • micro SD 1GB
  • micro SDHC I class 4 4GB


  • micro SDHC class 10 4GB

  • micro SDHC class 4 8GB

  • micro SDHC I class 10 16GB


  • micro SD 2GB