How to configure communication port on RS-232/RS-485 interfaces

SmartCom unit can be configured via RS-232/RS-485 interfaces. The default baud rate is 115 200 bps. This value and other settings of given ports can be easyly modifed.

The commands are the same for both interfaces, just enter correct port name to change the values:

RS-232 - at^scport1

RS-485 - at^scport2

Connect to the unit via Putty or Hyper Terminal software with default baud rate. Enter +++, now device is ready for operation.

Baud rate:


where 9600 is desired baud rate. The supported values of the baud rate are 110  to  230 400.

Data bits:


where 8 is the value of data bits, supported values are 5 to 8.

Stop bits;


where 2 is stop bit value, supported values are 0 to 2.

Parity check:


where 3 is parity check value, supported values are 0 to 4.

0 - none

1 - even

2 - odd

3 - constant 1

4 - constant 0.

Flow control:


where 1 means hardware flow control, 0 - no flow control.

After all the settings have been changed do not forget to save it:


To review the port settings enter