How to do the module FW upgrade

See below step by step how to upgrade firmware in module.

  • You are going to do the upgrade of the EasyRoute FW and FW in module of the ER device. We do recommend to do it through the Ethernet wire connection! You can do the upgrade of the firmware via WLAN (wireless network) or via remote access (DynDNS/Static IP address) as well, but specially for the module FW upgrade we do recommend to be connected via Ethernet cable.
  • To upload the firmware in EasyRoute go to menu: SETUP/System/Firmware.
  • Firstly and this is MANDATORY do the upgrade of the EasyRoute FW with the latest FW released (at least it has to be: 1.03.008). Note: there are two memories for the firmware (Firmware 0, Firmware 1). We do recommend to upload the FW to both of them. After first reboot simply choose the FW for ER one more time and upload.
  •  At this moment you do not have to check: Automatic reboot. You can do it later, when you will do the MODULE firmware upgrade. You can see that one of the EasyRoute FW memory is ACTIVE with the latest FW which you have just uploaded. In our case it is: 1.03.008

Note: you do the upgrade from older released firmwares – 1.01.006 you have to do the reboot first time manually – it is because automatic reboot option is on ER available from released The basic rule of the Firware memory is: higher number behind firmware e.g.: #6 means latest FW upgrade in ER is active/in use (this means that you can do the downgrade of the FW as well). We use two memories- in case that one of them fails, ER will take the FW from the second one.

  • Now you can choose the way to the firmware for Sierra Wireless module:version2.0.7.15– do the upgrade in the same way as with the ER firmware. Device will automatically recognize which type of the FW you are uploading (ER fw/module fw). Please note is for module series MC8790–92V. Not for module MC8775V!
  • The upgrade itself will take app. 2 minutes, if the upgrade runs via Ethernet connection.
  • After reboot you will see that the FW of the module is: and FW of the EasyRoute: 1.03.008 on both memories. Latest upgrade memory is marked as a Active.
  • Now you have upgraded EasyRoute and the module to the speed 7.2Mbps on download / 5.76Mbps on upload. You should be able to see in SATUS network: HSDPA/HSUPA