Port Forwarding - I am not able to access any port specified in Port Forwarding

Following guide can help you in two situations:

1) Port forwarding does not work

2) Remote access to 2N® EasyRoute / 2N® SpeedRoute web interface does not work

Step 1: Check settings

Check that Firewall is enabled

Check that Port forwarding is enabled

Step 2: Check IP address:

2N® EasyRoute / 2N® SpeedRoute must have a public IP. Access through our router What is my IP? web page and compare the IP address with the IP address displayed at:

IP addresses must be same!

Step 3: Reduce protection

By default the 2N® EasyRoute / 2N® SpeedRoute  is protected when someone tries to access it from the private range of IP addresses (via WAN port = UMTS or WAN4/WAN1). Therefore if you have set the Port Forwarding but still you can not access any of the devices connected in the specific port (even if you can ping them), you need to deactivate the protection in the 2N® EasyRoute /  2N® SpeedRoute

In order to do so, go to the Menu SETUP / Network / Firewall / Basic and UNCHECK the parameters "Check SYN-Flood" and "Check Spoofing"