Wireless M-bus - 2N® SmartCom PRO decryption configuration

This functionality is available from firmware version 1.7.1 and uses WMBUS C mode. New parameters which are available according to this functionality:

AT^MODE - all the WMBUS modes used on SmartCom

1: 868MHz T1

3: 868MHz  S1

8: 868MHz  C1

11: 868MHz  T1 + C1

17: 169MHz N1


Only for 169MHz:

1: 169.406250 MHz (Channel 1a)
2: 169.418750 Mhz (Channel 1b)
3: 169.431250 MHz (Channel 2a)
4: 169.443750 MHz (Channel 2b)
5: 169.256250 MHz (Channel 3a)
6: 169.458750 MHz (Channel 3b)
7: 169.437500 MHz (Channel g)
8: 169.412500 MHz (Channel 1)
9: 169.437500 MHz (Channel 2)
10: 169.462500 MHz (Channel 3)


Only for 169MHz:

1: 2.4 kbps (mod index 2), used for channel 2a and 2b
2: 4.8 kbps (mod index 0.5), used for channel 1a,1b, 3a and 3b
4: 38.4 kbps (4GFSK), used for channel g


For 169MHz:

0: Frame format A, default
1: Reserved
2: Frame format B

For 868MHz:

0: 4 (short) / Frame format A
1: 70 (long)/ Frame format A
2: 4 (short) / Frame format B (C mode)
3: 70 (long)/ Frame format B (C mode)

Switch on decryption:


When you need to switch off decryption you just replace number 1 in previous AT command by number 0.

Add a meter:

You need to specify which meter you would like to receive data from by following AT command:



  • MAN is the three-character meter vender abbreviation
  • XXXXXXXX is the serial number of the meter
  • A - minimum time interval in seconds between two stored WMBUS records from the meter (0≤A≤600)
  • VER is the version parameter of the meter
  • DEV is the unique meter identification

Set the decryption key:



  • ID is the meter identification from the meter table in SmartCom - this table can be checked by AT^SCWMBUS?
  • KEY is the decryption key

When all the parameters are set correctly, all the messages are stored in SmartCom in decrypted format.