AutoCLIP routing - How to set AutoCLIP routing?

What is AutoCLIP?

  • The GSM gateway automatically stores information about outgoing calls to the AutoCLIP routing table. When a person calls back the call is routed directly to the original number. If original number is not available the call is routed to the next number set up in the configuration (e.g. receptionist).

How to set in 2N® VoiceBlue Next?

  • Parameters need to be set are in field Others
  • Time to keep CLIP in table - set the time duration for which records are to be kept in the AutoCLIP routing table.
  • Add record only for unconnected call - only unconnected outgoing calls (missed calls on a mobile phone) are stored in the AutoCLIP table.
  • Delete record for connected answer - if the call back is answered, the record in the AutoCLIP table will be deleted.

  • In the AutoCLIP routing table you can see the record of unconnected call.
  • When the user (737276015) has a missed call and returns that call, he will be directly forwarded to destination 11 as shown in the AutoCLIP routing table and also in the trace bellow.