Firmware version numbering, configuration tool version numbering

The version of a firmware is always in following format:
X.0YrevisionZZ (e.g. 4.05revision15)

  • X – main version
  • Y – major version – it changes with every substantial change or with adding of an important feature of PBX.

Version of configuration tool is always in following format:
X.0Y (letter) (e.g. 4.05Q)

  • X.0Y – version according actual version of firmware
  • (letter) – version of configuration tool in one major version

Always follow the rule, that the PBX has to be configured by the same major version of the configuration tool as the firmware version. E.g. the PBX with version 4.05revision15 can not be programmed by version 4.02(letter).

The PBX has to be programmed by the latest released version of configuration tool within one major version.