H.323 trunk - How to configure


If you got a permanent license for OFR, you can use SIP and H.323 but not at the same time. Go to the Administration – Main configuration menu. Set the VoIP Protocol parameter to H.323. If there is no VoIP parameter, that means that you can use both SIP and H.323 at the same time.


  • Call Method: Choose mode for H.323 trunk
  • Gateway address: The IP address of office route which will be used for call method Gateway
  • Gateway prefixes: H.323 message Alias dialed digits field. Only for Call method Gateway
  • Display name: H.323 Caller ID field
  • Numbers: If there exists  aclip (Caller ID) when calling to this H.323 line, this identificator will be overwritten. Otherwise this number will be sent.
  • Listen port: OfficeRouteH.323 listening port
  • Codecs: Choose one or more codecs which will be used for the trunk

  • Reject call code: Call clear reason for rejected calls.
  • No route code: Call clear reason for calls which can not be routed to the network.

If you have troubles with connection, try setup Disable Fast Start and H.245 tunneling on both devices.