How to upgrade Records Manager

1) First of all upload file to server by means of WinSCP software

The login/password is admin/2n

The file must be copied to /home/share directory.

2) Enter console mode (you can use PuTTY software, the connection can be done over SSH/Telnet protocol) and enter the following commands:

  • Unpack uploaded files 
    • unzip
  • Back up configuration files - 
    • backup config.js file   - cd /var/www/netstarrm/js/config  then sudo cp config.js config.bak
    • backup configuration.groovy file - cd /etc/netstar/ then sudo cp configuration.groovy configuration.bak
    • create dump of database - mysqldump netstar > /tmp/zalohadb.sql
  • Upgrade Records Manager 
    • If you have connection to Internet enter sudo yum install netstar-rm-1.0.0.x-xx.noarch.rpm netstar-connector-1.0.0.x-xx.noarch.rpm
    • If there is no Internet connection enter sudo rpm  -Uvh netstar-rm-1.0.0.x-xx .noarch.rpm netstar-connector-1.0.0.x-xx.noarch.rpm
  • Restar tomcat service
    • service tomcat restart