How to upgrade firmware from 4.05 or earlier to 4.06 or higher?

The upgrade from the firmware version 4.05 or former to the firmware version 4.06 or higher has to be done from the configuration tool corresponding to the target firmware version i.e 4.06, 4.07 etc. When you try to upgrade it from one of older versions, it causes destruction of data in the PBX. Then firmware has to be uploaded from the boot (service) mode. You can get to the service mode using the lower button on the left side of the PBX. For details see the manual!!! The correct upgrade procedure:

  • make a backup of your configuration in your original config tool e.g. 4.05
  • install the newest version of the config tool (4.06, 4.07, 4.08...)
  • do the upgrade of the firmware from the installed config tool (4.06, 4.07, 4.08...)
  • download  config from the PBX in a new config tool
  • open your stored configuration in the original config tool and  rewrite it manually to the new config tool
  • upload configuration from the new config tool to PBX

Sometimes you can have a problem with connection to PBX from Configuration Tool, if there is Ethernet module inside. In that case take out Ethernet module, put back two jumpers on the motherboard and connect to PBX using the serial port.