Trace - How to get a trace from VoiceBlue Lite?

To capture all gateway activities into a trace you need to follow the procedure below:

  1. Run HyperTerminal
  2. Establish connection with your gateway
    To make sure the GW is communicating correctly with your PC write command AT and hit ENTER. You must get answer OK. Continue further only in case that you have got the OK answer. If not, double check the connection between PC and GW, make sure you are using the correct username and password.
  3. Go to menu transfer, go to capture text, select file, where the tracing information will be saved.
  4. To set the right tracing characteristics, write command
  5. Use the command ATI3 and ATI4. This information is about your gateway and licenses.
  6. To start tracing write command
    AT!R2 now the FULL tracing is enabled and started.
  7. Now you can make test calls and other needed tests.
  8. After you have carried out all tests go in HyperTerminal to the menu transfer, and stop capturing into the file.
  9. Pack the created trace file and send it to us via email with the description of numbers you tried to dial, problems which occurred etc.