Licenses - Detailed information

This FAQ document describes principles of particular licenses and what are they determined for. Information about licenses in your devices you can find in Management section, picture bellow.

ISDN Line SMS monitoring (MONI)

This license allows you to get information about ISDN lines immediately via SMS, when they changed their status. You can configure 2 types of information SMS. You can specified the body of the message in both of them. First one is, when the ISDN line change the state, e.g. disconnect. You can set parameter how long needs to take this change before SMS is sent. Second type is kind of periodical check status message. The gateway will send SMS after some time period without changing the ISDN line status. 

Mobility Extension users (MEx)

This feature allows any user to add GSM phone number next to SIP or ISDN extension. The gateway will routed the call normally to users´ fixed station and also to his GSM extension. You are able to pick up incoming call on any of this stations. Because of this function you don´t miss any important call. The letter 'x' in the shortcuts name refers to the number of users. The maximum amount of Mobility extension users is 56.


This licenses allow you to provide calls via Voice over IP technology. You can register the gateway to the SIP Proxy server or you can easily connect single VoIP phone. 2N® GSM/UMTS gateways support large amount of codecs and can be configured by wide variety of parameters. Both call directions supported, GSM –> VoIP and VoIP --> GSM. More information you can find in manual. Where may I find it? 

SMPP users (SMSS)

This license allows you to send SMS via 2N® GSM/UMTS gateways directly from your computer or some server. SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) is the open telecommunication protocol enables sending SMS between SMS center and the external applications called ESME (External Short Messaging Entity). This ESME application allow you to send and receive SMS similar way as on your mobile phone. You can have up to 16 SMPP users.

Email2SMS users (SMSE)

Second license related to SMS is Email2SMS license. This license allow you to use any E-mail client on your computer to sending SMS via 2N® GSM/UMTS gateways. It is very easy to use because our gateways provide their own SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Our devices can also send SMS to e-mail. You can download it via POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3). After all settings is done, you need to create new account in your e-mail client and now you are able to send SMS as easy as any classic e-mail message. The maximum number of users is 200, included SMPP users. For more information please visit following FAQ pages -, where can you find for example: SMS messages - How to set SMS2Email and Email2SMS on 2N®StarGate with CPU M202 version (2013+) with Microsoft Outlook?

SNMP monitoring (SNMP)

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol determined for managing devices connected to IP network. Main task of this protocol is monitoring and managing devices over network via predefined parameters. Particular parameters are usually specified by a developer into MIB table. Whole communication take place between to side. One side called manager, this is master devices that collect data from particular devices and is able to set parameter at the monitored side. There is SNMP agent, running directly in the device that provide communication with the manager side.