SIP Proxy - How to create it and add VoIP terminal

Creation of SIP Proxy

  1. Go to Virtual ports ‐> SIP and add a new virtual port.

  2. In the popped window specify the SIP Proxy name and choose in “Type“ parameter option “SIP Proxy“.
  3. Then go to SIP Proxy and in bookmark “Stack” set parameters according to picture below.Realm (Domain) – IP address of NetStar CPU
    Realm (Domain) – IP address of NetStar CPU
    RTP interface – here make a right mouse button click and add RTP interface
    Codecs – transfer required codecs from “Supported” to “Selected”
    DTMF according to RFC‐2833 – check this option for proper transmission of DTMF

Creation of VoIP terminal

  1. Go to SIP Proxy ‐> Stack ‐> Terminals and add new terminal.
  2. Specify the terminal name – it has to correspond with SIP extension name! Then click to “OK” and the terminal is created.

Creation of SIP station

  1. First of all you need to create user group. Go to Users ‐> Users & Groups and add new group.
  2. When the group is created, add to it new user.
  3. At the same time when you were creating a new user, you can create also the SIP extension. In example below both user and extension have the name and the number "100".

  4. When the new user and extension are created, go to extension setting and assign this extension to previously created terminal 100.
  5. Last thing you have to do is to assign the login to newly created extension. You can do it in section Users ‐> User rights.

  6. Now is everything set properly and you can connect SIP station to sip proxy. Register information will be in this case:Username: 100
    Password: 100