SMS at no answer - How to set it in 2N®NetStar

Use the SMS subtag to set parameters for the SMS at no answer function. An SMS at no answer is a message that is sent automatically to the called user if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The outgoing call must go through GSM port
  2. The called party rejects or does not answer the incoming call.
  3. The SMS at no answer is activated on one of the levels of the fall-down hierarchy for the calling user.

The SMS at no answer is sent through the destination defined here. Type the SMS text which ought to be sent to the called users in the SMS subtag. You can also add information about the calling number (string %c) and the calling extension name (%n) to the SMS body.

SMS settings

Send SMS at no answer – send this SMS as an SMS at no answer to the called extension. This setting has a higher priority than that for an external extension. Moreover, you can define the sending timeout. If you set this timeout to 20 s, the outgoing call has to alert the called extension for more than 20 s so that the SMS can be sent after the call end. The timeout is the fourth condition for SMS at no answer sending.