Voicemail - How to configure

  • Recorded messages may be stored in the internal FLASH memory (approximately 1 hour of stored messages) or on the SD card. After upgrade to this version it is necessary to upload package of voicemail messages (in Configuration > Devices > DISA lines > Upload voicemail language pack). It is possible to record your own pack of massages (all messages must be in ISDN A-law format; set of massages is packed by TAR and GNU Zip and it has fixed structure).

How do internal structure and internal logic work?

  • An IP phone is registered to the internal SIP proxy. SIP proxy is connected with LCR by an internal SIP line. VoiceMail is DISA service line. To be able to reach Voicemail we need to set up a LCR route and LCR rule. Call must reach VoiceMail in the format vm-### where ### is number of IP phone’s number. As most of IP phones does not support dialing alphabetical characters, it is possible to make a normalization in LCR.

Step by step guide

  • Let say we have IP phone number 200 and we want to set a voicemail box for this extension.
  1. Log into web interface as user ‘Admin’.
  2. Check status of licence (voicemail users´ number must not be equal to zero – see picture bellow).

  3. Create a new account for user 200 (User management > Users > Add user).
    1. Set Username and Password (it serves as registration name and password).
    2. Set line number (it is extension number – UID).
    3. Enable Voicemail for this user.
    4. Set PIN for authorization for calls from another extension/mobile phone.
    5. Set mobile phone number for notification SMSs.

  4.  Add a new Voicemail DISA service line (Telephony services > Devices > DISA lines > Add DISA service line).
  5. Set route to Voicemail (Telephony services > LCR > Routes > Add route).
  6. Set LCR route to VoiceMail (Telephony services > LCR > Add).
  7. Set Normalization in LCR (Telephony services > LCR > Normalization > Add).
  8. Set rule in SIP proxy for Voicemail (Telephony services > SIP Proxy > Add rule).
  9. Set Forwarding into Voicemail and set Voicemail number to 888extension (in our case it is 888200) – you can see example from a web interface of a hardware IP phone.