5.10.1 api log caps

The /api/log/caps function returns a list of supported event types that are recorded in the device. This list is a subset of the full event type list below:

Event typeDescriptionParameters

Signals blocking of user authentication, zone code, REX exit button and license plate based access on an access point.

"ap, state"
AccessLimitedAn event occuring whenever 5 unsuccessful user authentication attempts are made (card, code, fingerprint). The access module is blocked for 30 seconds even in case the subsequent authentication is correct. Signals user rejection."ap, type, state"
AccessTakenWhen applying the card in the Antipassback area."ap, session"
ApiAccessRequestedAn event whenever a request was sent to /api/accesspoint/grantaccess with the result "success" : true."ap, valid""session, uuid"
AudioLoopTestSignals performance and result of an automatic audio loop test."result"
CallSessionStateChangedAn event describing the direction, status of the call, address, created session number and how many calls were generated."session, state""originator, info"
CallStateChangedIndicates call direction (incoming, outgoing) and SIP/opponent identification at a call state change (ringing, connected, terminated)."direction, state, peer, session, call""reason, device, sipAccount, sipCallId "
CapabilitiesChangedSignals a change in available functions.

CardHeldSignals RFID card tapping and holding for more than 4 s."reader, uid, valid""ap, session, direction, uuid"
CardEnteredSignals tapping of an RFID card on the card reader."reader, uid, valid""ap, session, direction, uuid"
CodeEnteredSignals entering of a user code via the numeric keypad."code, valid ""ap, session, direction, input, type, uuid, reason"
ConfigurationChangedSignals a device configuration change.

DeviceStateSignals a system event generated at device state changes.


DisplayTouchedSignals display touch."x, y, dx, dy"
DirectoryChangedChange in the directory."series""timestamp"
DirectorySavedSaved change in the directory."series""timestamp"
DoorOpenTooLongSignals excessively long door opening or door closing failure within the timeout."state"
DoorStateChangedSignals a door state change."state"
DtmfEnteredDTMF code received in call or off call locally."code, call, valid""type, uuid"
DtmfPressedDTMF code pressed in call or off call locally."code, call valid"
DtmfSentDTMF code sent in call or off call locally."code""call"
ExternalCameraStateChangedSignals an external camera state change."state""id, reason"
ErrorStateChangedSignals a LiftIP 2.0 error state change.
"in, state, reason"
FingerEnteredSignals that a finger has been swiped across the biometric reader."valid""ap, session, direction, uuid"
FingerEnrollStatePlacing a finger on the reader to record the user's fingerprint."session, state"
HardwareChangedSignals a connection change of the extending modules."reason, class, id""info, config, state, categories"
CheckingCallDisplays details of an accomplished checking call.
InputChangedSignals a logic input state change."port, state"
KeyPressedSignals a quick dial/numerical keypad button press, display touch or Bluetooth autentication key press."key"

Signals a quick dial/numerical keypad button release.

LicensePlateRecognizedSignals car license plate recognition for valid access."ap, licensePlate, valid""session, uuid"
LiftConfigChangedSignals an elevator control setting change."hash"
LiftErrorStateChangedSignals a LiftIP 2.0 error state change.
"in, state, reason"
LiftFloorsEnabledFloor access by an elevator."floors""uuid, session"
LiftStatusChangedLift Control module connection/disconnection detection."module, ready"
LoginBlockedSignals temporary blocking of login to the web interface."address"
MobKeyEnteredSignals Bluetooth reader authentication."action, authid, valid""ap, session, direction, uuid" 
MotionDetectedSignals motion detection via a camera.

ID = corresponds to the motion detection profile number in the web interface


NoiseDetectedSignals increased noise level detection.

only for models equipped with a microphone or microphone input


OutputChangedSignals a logic output state change."port, state"
PairingStateChangedSignals pairing with a Bluetooth interface.

"state, authId"

RescueStateChangedSignals a rescue state change.
"state, reason"
RegistrationStateChangedSignals a SIP server registration state change."sipAccount, state""reason"
RexActivatedSignals REX departure button activation."ap, session, valid""reason"
SilentAlarmSignals silent alarm activation."ap, session, name""uuid"
SwitchesBlockedSignals lock blocking by tamper switch activation."state"
SwitchOperationChangedChange in the operation of the switch (signals the state of locking or holding the switch, starting and restarting the timer or ending it - transition to permanent holding)."switch""enabled, locked, held, hold_timeout, originator"
SwitchStateChangedSignals a switch 1–4 state change."switch, state""ap, session, originator, call, peer, device"
TamperSwitchActivatedSignals tamper switch activation."state"
UnauthorizedDoorOpenSignals unauthorized door opening. 

only for models equipped with digital inputs


UserActionActivatedSignals a change of the input configured as User Action Trigger."id, state"
UserAuthenticatedSignals user authentication and subsequent door opening."ap, session, name""uuid, apbBroken"
UserRejectedSignals user authentication rejection."ap, session, name""uuid, reason"
VirtualInputChanging the virtual input."port, state"
VirtualOutputChanging the virtual output."port, state"
 WaveKeyActivatedBluetooth authentication activated."type"

The function is part of the Logging service and requires no special user privileges.

The GET or POST method can be used for this function.

The function has no parameters.

The reply is in the application/json format:






Array of strings including a list of supported event types


GET /api/log/caps
  "success" : true,
  "result" : {
    "events" : [