5.13.4 api pcap live

The api/pcap/live function is used for starting of the chunked packet capture.

Service and Privileges Groups
  • Service group is System.

  • Privileges group is System Control.


  • GET

  • POST


The request contains parameters in the URL (or in the application/x-www-form-urlencoded format when POST is used).

Table 1. Request Parameters

Parameter NameMandatoryExpected ValuesDefault ValueDescription



Integer defining duration of download in seconds


Defines the duration of the packet capture. If the parameter is omitted or 0, the duration is infinite (i.e. until it is stopped by api/pcap/live/stop or the download is severed by the target device).

Example of a Request



The device starts streaming chunked data upon a successful request.

Example of Using Python to Download the Packet Capture
command = requests.post( "https://" + address + "/api/pcap/live?duration=120", verify=False, stream=True, auth=HTTPBasicAuth("admin", "pass") ) with open("trace.pcap", 'wb') as f: for chunk in command.iter_content(chunk_size=None): f.write(chunk)
If a packet capture is already running, another packet capture cannot be started.