5.16.2 api lpr image

The api/lpr/image function is used for getting images received from the license plate recognition.


Service and Privileges Groups

  • Service group is API Access Control.

  • Privileges group is Access Control.


  • GET

  • POST


The request contains parameters in the URL.


Table 1. Request Parameters

Parameter NameMandatoryExpected ValuesDefault ValueDescription



String with license plate text


Text of a recognized license plate that is used to identify which image should be returned (up to five images are stored). If two or more images belong to the same license plate text, the newest one is returned.


Example of Request



The success response is in the image/jpeg format.

There may occur various errors (e.g. missing a mandatory parameter). Errors are returned in json with a response code 200. If there is no image associated to the submitted plate text, error 15 "no data available" is returned.