5.17.2 api accesspoint blocking status

The api/accesspoint/blocking/status function returns the status of access blocking for individual access points.

Service and Privileges Groups
  • Service group is API Access Control.

  • Privileges group is Access Control.


  • GET

  • POST



The request contains parameters in the URL.


Table 1. Request URL Parameters
Parameter NameMandatoryExpected ValuesDefault ValueDescription



Integer (0, 1)


Specifies for which access point the status should be returned. If this parameter is omitted, the access blocking status is returned for all the access points.


Example of Request



The response is in the application/json format. The value of the result key contains one key accessPoints, which contains an array with an object for each access point (the array has a length of 1 if an access point was specified in the request). The objects in the array contain the following keys.

Table 2. Response JSON Keys
KeyTypical Returned ValuesDescription


Integer (0, 1)

Identifies the access point (0 for Entry, 1 for Exit).


Boolean (truefalse)

Contains the current status of access point blocking (true when the access point is blocked, false when the access point is not blocked).


Example of Response

{ "success": true, "result": { "accessPoints": [ { "id": 0, "blocked": true }, { "id": 1, "blocked": false } ] } }

There may occur various errors (e.g. insufficient privileges).