5.2.2 api firmware apply

The api/firmware/apply function confirms the uploaded firmware file and performs device upgrade/downgrade.


  • GET
  • POST


Services and Privileges

  • Services: System API

  • Privileges: System Control

Request PUT

The request contains a file in URL.

Table 1. Request Parameters
ParameterMandatoryExpected ValuesDefault ValueDescription



Firmware file identifier


This parameter has to correspond to the identifier of the currently uploaded firmware file.

Example of a GET or POST Request

Response to GET or POST

The response is in the application/json format. The response contains success. If success is true, the firmware is applied and the device is upgraded/downgraded.

Example of a Response to GET or POST

{ "success" : true }

The following specific error codes may be returned:

  • Error code 12

    • parameter = "fileId"

    • description = "invalid parameter"

    • The file identifier is invalid (e.g. contains non-HEX characters).

  • Error code 14

    • description = "new firmware not found"

    • There is no firmware file uploaded with such a fileId.