5.3.1 api config

The /api/config function helps you upload or download device configuration.

The function is part of the System service and the user must be assigned the System Control privilege for authentication if required. The function is available with the Enhanced Integration licence key only.

Use the GET or POST method for configuration download and PUT method for configuration upload.

Request parameters for PUT:




Mandatory parameter including device configuration (XML)

No parameters are defined for the GET/POST methods.

For configuration download, the reply is in the application/xml format and contains a complete device configuration file.

The /api/config function using the PUT method uploads configuration with a delay of approx. 15 s; do not reset or switch off the intercom during this interval.


GET /api/config
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        Product name: 2N IP Vario
       Serial number: 08-1860-0035
    Software version:
    Hardware version: 535v1
  Bootloader version:
             Display: No
         Card reader: No
<DeviceDatabase Version="4">

For configuration upload, the reply is in the application/json format and includes no other parameters.


PUT /api/config
  "success" : true


  • User positions are cancelled in the directory in version 2.24. Thus, download the current configuration, make the required changes and then upload the configuration to update the directory.
  • Should you fail to keep the instructions above, data may get lost.