5.3.3 api config holidays

The /api/config/holidays function can be used to get/set the bank holidays list.

The function is part of the System service and the user must be assigned the System Control privilege for authentication if required.

The GET or PUT method can be used for this function.

No parameters are defined for the GET method.

Request parameters for PUT method:

blob-jsonMandatory parameter containing definition of bank holidays (JSON)

The reply of the GET method is in the application/json format and contains an array of bank holidays. The dates are formatted as DD/MM[/YYYY], where the year is specified only if the holiday is valid for the particular year only.

GET /api/config/holidays

{ "success" : true, "result" : { "dates": [ "01\/01", "24\/12", "01\/04\/2018" ] } }

The PUT method JSON format is the same format as a result of the GET method.

{ "dates": [ "01\/01", "24\/12", "01\/04\/2018" ] }

The reply of the PUT method is in the application/json format and contains no other parameters.

PUT /api/config/holidays

{ "success": true