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Aastra 5000

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Configure network and SIP parameters on the 2N IP intercom via its web interface. First go to the section Advanced settings -> SIP Settings and fill user ID, password and SIP proxy IP address. As a last step do not forget to activate the registration by setting Enable registration parameter to "Yes".

After registering the 2N IP intercom to Aastra PBX, go to section Advanced Settings -> Audio Codecs and choose here codecs G.711u (PCMU) and G.711a (PCMA).
For proper video transmission between 2N IP intercom and your IP phones you must allow correct video codecs in 2N IP intercom. Go to section Advanced Settings -> Video Codecs and choose here codec H.264 which is supported by Aastra 5000. Quality and resolution of transmitted video can be adjusted by parameters in Video codec setting section.
If you would like to open the door lock remotely from your IP phones, you have to go to 2N IP intercom and specify there code. You can do this in Basic Settings-> Switch 1, where you can specify up to 10 general codes.
Now if you save number of your IP phone in Basic Settings -> Phone book to position one, you should be able to call this IP phone by pressing the first quick dial button on 2N IP intercom.

If you have Aastra 5000 PBX and you would like to connect it with your 2N IP intercom, you can do it by using the SIP protocol. Interconnection will be as below. 

Aastra 5000 configuration

Create a new SIP subscriber on the Aastra 5000 with Aastra Management Portal (AMP). The Number of line keys must be set to 2, so that the device is handled as a multiline subscriber.

In example below we register 2N IP intercom to Aastra 5000 as an extension 2000.

The field Call waiting must be set to “ACCEPT AND BEEP”.

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(green star) - Verified with audio only

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible