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Version 6

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OfficeMaster Gate is a hardware controller designed for Unified Communications applications. More than 20 years of work experience by Ferrari electronic have flown into the construction. Hereby the acquired skills in the fields of active Fax/ISDN cards and networking Fax/SMS/voicemail solutions played a major part. The firmware of the intelligent controllers has since then been significantly extended and improved. Versatile scenarios are supported:

  • Fax, SMS and voice mail services
  • can be used as a phone gateway to link ISDN, trunks to MS Exchange server, Office Communications server, MS Lync and Skype for Business
  • functionalities above can be also combined


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2N IP Intercom can be registered to OfficeMaster Gate as a SIP Extension. Video from 2N IP Intercom is sent as HTTP/JPEG stream and can be received by OfficeMaster EntryControl client installed on client's PC. Door opening can be done by sending DTMF or HTTP commands.

For integration of the OfficeMaster Gate with Skype for Business which is very often usage of this solution please visit Ferrari Electronic website:

SIP Settings

Register 2N IP Intercom as an extension to OfficeMaster Gate.


In directory just set a calling number.


To enable sending of HTTP/JPEG video stream an account in HTTP API must be created. For Camera access, no license is needed. If you want to control a lock with HTTP commands instead of DTMF then Enhanced Integrated license must be active in the 2N IP Intercom intercom.


OfficeMaster Gate has two PCM interfaces for integration of 3rd party devices. One of them can be used for communication between SfB and 2N IP Intercom. We need to define both of directions of communication coming from/to ISDN interface in OfficeMaster Gate. The direction "Calls from ISDN" can be the outgoing connection to 3rd party platform such as SfB. "Calls to ISDN" is a part of configuration used for 2N IP Intercom.

Calls from ISDN

Calls to ISDN

IP address, portand line number have to correspond with settings in 2N IP Intercom.


Select the door phone added to the system that you want to configure.

Exampleof URLs to open the door by HTTP commands and to receive video from 2N IP Intercom using HTTP API. To open the door by DTMF set 00* (in default settings).

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(green star) - Verified with audio only

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible