Axis Q6044-E

This document describes how to connect external AXIS Q6044-E IP camera to 2N IP Intercom. This manual can be used as an assist for different Axis IP cameras.


  • Enhance Video license for 2N IP Intercom

  • or higher FW Version of 2N IP Intercom

  • or higher FW Version of AXIS Q6044-E IP camera

Configuration of AXIS Q6044-E IP camera

  1. Use Axis IP Utility to find Axis camera in the network. To open web interface you need to doubleclick to the IP camera which you want to configure.

  2. Go to Setup to Video section where you will configure the Video Stream of the camera Please use the settings from added pictures.

  3. It is necessary to configure Stream Profiles too. In the Axis camera there are predefined some Stream Profiles. You can use one of these profiles or make your own Stream Profile. In this FAQ we will generate a special Stream Profile for 2N IP Intercom. Remember that maximal resolution should be 640x480.
    Go to Video - Stream Profiles - Add... and create a new Stream Profile.

Configuration of 2N IP Intercom

  1. Use IP Address of the intercom in your browser to log in. Go to Hardware - Camera - External Camera.


  2. You need to specify the RTSP Stream Address, Username, Password and Local RTP Port.
    Which is for this camera:
    RTSP Stream Address - rtsp://
    Username - root
    Password - admin
    Local RTP Port - 4700

Video Streaming API

Axis offers for cameras special Video Streaming API, that helps you to specify different parameters. There is videocodec and streamprofile used in our example.

Link for that API Document - API_video_streaming.pdf