2.5 Configuration

Device Configuration

Configure 2N® IP Audio Kit using a PC equipped any web browser as follows:

  • Launch your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).
  • Enter the IP address of your intercom (, e.g.).
  • Log in with username Admin and password 2n.

You have to know the IP address of your device to log in to the integrated web server. Upon purchase, 2N® IP Audio Kit is in the Dynamic IP address mode, i.e. it obtains the IP address automatically if there is an adequately set DHCP server in the LAN. If no such server is available, set the Static IP address mode to your 2N® IP Audio Kit.

If the device remains inaccessible (you have forgotten the IP address or the LAN configuration has changed, e.g.), change the network settings using the RESET button on the device. For more information see chapter 2.3 Electric Installation.