2.5 Completion

Installation Completion

Check the connection of all wires and the RJ-45 plug to the board connector.


  •  All unused connectors have to have tightened screws in order to avoid vibration caused by sound.

Nametag Placing

Every intercom package includes a piece of transparent foil, which can be laser printed. Cut the printed foil and insert the nametags in the buttons.

Nametag dimensions for button: 

  • 1 button: 52.0 (W) x 15.2 (H) mm (dimensional tolerance: +0; -0.5 mm)


  • The area where nametags are placed is called a wet zone. After heavy rain, water can penetrate to the nametag. Water in this area does not affect the intercom functionality in any way and evaporates soon.
  • Always use waterproof foil (enclosed or other) for the nametags. Never use paper or ink jet printing to avoid damage due to water leakage!

Nametag inserting/replacing:

  1. Remove the frame.
  2. Lift up the button door. The 5-button module buttons have just one door.
  3. Remove the used nametag and insert a new one.
  4. Close the button door.
  5. Replace the frame.

Frame Replacement

Check the frame sealing before replacing the frame.

Version A

  • Screw the flush mounting frame in the upper and bottom parts.

Version B

  • Hang the surface mounting frame on the hook in the upper part and then screw it tight in the bottom part.


  • Improper mounting may deteriorate the intercom waterproofness and water may damage the electronic part.
  • Make sure that all holes are filled with some waterproof material – the top part, around the cables and the screws.
  • Use silicone or some other sealant to seal the box against the wall if uneven to avoid water leakage and wall damping..