1.4 Safety Precautions

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the product in order to improve its qualities. The manufacturer continuously responds to the clients' requirements by improving the software. Refer to the www.2n.cz company websites for the latest 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 firmware and User Manual. 

  • It is prohibited to use any transmitters, including 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 with an internal WiFi adapter, in areas where explosives are used, such as quarries.
  • WiFi adapters may affect sensitive life-saving devices in medical centres. Therefore, it is prohibited to use device with an internal WiFi adapter in such facilities.
  • In general, any RF energy radiation prohibition regarding WiFi antenna equipped devices applies to device with an internal WiFi adapter.
  • Where necessary, a device unit can be installed at a safe distance from the prohibited area and an Ethernet cable can only be carried to the required site.
  • Although the device is not intended for cars or aeroplanes, all prohibitions and regulations relating to adapter equipped devices apply to device too.