2.1 Before You Start

Product Completeness Check

Please check the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 delivery before starting installation:

12N® Indoor Touch 2.0
1Quick Start manual
1Wall holder (screwed to device)
1Installation fittings (2 screws, 2 plugs for flush mounting)
1Microfiber screen cleaning cloth

Front Layout

  1. Glass frame
  2. LCD display with capacitive touch layer
  3. Status RGB LED
  4. Loudspeaker
  5. Microphone
  6. Micro SD card slot

Backside Connectors

  1. RJ-45 LAN 10/100BaseT connector
  2. 12 V / 0,75 A DC supply terminal board (only if PoE is not used)
  3. Restart/Factory reset button
  4. Binary input/output terminal board (for application control)
  5. Micro SD card slot
  6. Logic inputs and outputs


  • External doorbell button or Relay connection guides are available at faq.2n.cz.


  • Do not remove the backside rubber sealing as it improves the accoustic properties of the product during wall mounting.