3.2 Home Screen

The Home Screen is divided into three subsections: Current time and date, Weather widget and five configurable application positions. The Setting and Information buttons are also available here.

Factory settings:

  • Time/Date tiles
  • Weather tile
  • File Manager – standard file system application
  • Browser – Internet browser application
  • Intercoms – application responsible for communication of the 2N IP intercoms with other answering units
  • Gallery – photo/image processing application

The lower graphic bar includes five graphic controls:

  • Back icon (triangle) – return one level higher or one step back (depending on the application type).
  • Home icon (circle) – return to the introductory screen.
  • Square icon – switch the currently launched applications.
  • Speaker icons – increase/decrease the system loudspeaker volume.

Notification Bar

The notification bar provides a list of missed events and notifications allowing you to set the DND mode and display brightness level instantly. Swipe your finger in a straight downward line from the upper edge of the screen to pull down the notification bar. Click the Delete all icon to remove the notification list.