Date & Time

This section helps you set the device date and time parameters. Set the time, time format and time zone.

  • Automatic date & time – activate the use of date and time from the network.
  • NTP server – use the NTP server to synchronize the device time. Choose one of the default NTP servers (default pool.ntp.org, asia.pool.ntp.org, europe.pool.ntp.org, nort-america.pool.ntp.org, oceania.pool.ntp.org) or add another one manually.
  • Set date – set the date manually if Automatic date & time date is disabled.
  • Set time – set the time manually if Automatic date & time time is disabled.
  • Select time zone – set the time zone for the installation site to include the time shift and summer/winter time transition.
  • Use 24-hour format – display the 24-hour format. If disabled, the 12-hour format is displayed including the a.m./p.m. information.