My2N/SIP Configuration

This section helps you set the My2N and SIP Proxy parameters.


  • My2N Mobile Video – enable/disable 2N® IP Mobile.
  • Device ID – set the device ID assigned by 2N® IP Mobile.
  • Password – set the device password for 2N® IP Mobile connection, generated automatically. 


  • SIP Proxy – enable/disable the SIP Proxy.
  • Display name – set the account name to be displayed in the application.
  • Username – set the SIP Proxy server username.
  • Password – set the SIP Proxy server user password.
  • Server – set the SIP Proxy server IP address/domain name.
  • Port – set the SIP Proxy server port (default is 5060).
  • Transport – select the transport protocol: TCP or UDP.


  • Registrar – set the SIP Proxy IP address or domain name.
  • Address – set the SIP Registrar IP address or domain name.
  • Port – set the SIP Proxy port (typically 5060).
  • Registration Expiry – define the registration expiry, which affects the network and SIP Registrar load by periodically sent registration requirements. The SIP Registrar can modify the expiry limit without letting you know.



  • SIP port randomization – a randomly generated port where the application listens. When the setting is changed, re-registration with the SIP Proxy or My2N is made.
  • Port – set the selected SIP port manually if SIP port randomisation is enabled.


  • Refer to faq.2n.cz for SIP Proxy call settings.


  • The SIP Proxy and My2N modes cannot be operated at the same time.