4.2.2 Call Log

The 2N® IP Mobile Call Log section displays the records of outgoing/incoming calls. The following values are available:

  •  outgoing – outgoing call
  •  incoming – incoming call
  •  missed – missed call

The call icon is either a snapshot from the device or an avatar. The avatar is displayed when the Autosnapshot parameter is inactive for cameraless devices or when no snapshot was made due to a short video preview – the ringing time is set behind the bell icon (). Click  to make a callback. If the recorder is active, click  to play the incoming call record. Use the trash bin in the right-hand upper corner to delete the records.


  • A snapshot is only made when the video stream preview is active for about 3 seconds.
  • The maximum count of Call Log items is 30 records. 
  • When the list is full, the oldest record is automatically deleted and replaced with the latest record.

Select a record to be shown. The records include the call length and an enlarged snapshot. Play the missed call record if available. Click  in the right-hand upper corner to export a record to a storage.


  • Unanswered outgoing/incoming calls have a 0:00 call duration.


  • Refer to faq.2n.cz for the recorder instructions for use.