5.2.1 Status

The Status screen displays a list of basic parameters.

Information on Device

  • System – device name
  • HW version – device HW board version
  • FW version – device firmware version
  • Up time – total time since the first startup
  • Serial number – device serial number
  • OS version – operating system version and type
  • Time since last restart – time that passed since the last restart
  • Temperature – current device temperature


  • Ethernet stav ethernetu
  • DHCP on – DHCP status
  • IP mask – IP mask address
  • DNS IP – DNS IP address
  • Wi-Fi MAC – Wi-Fi module MAC address
  • IP address – IP address 
  • IP gateway – IP gateway IP address
  • LAN MAC – Ethernet module MAC address
  • Wi-Fi support – Wi-Fi module availability in the device
  • Connection to two networks simultaneously – informace o stavu připojení
  • Connection type primární rozhraní 


  • RAM – information on the installed, available and used RAM
  • Internal storage – information on the total and free capacity of the device internal storage
  • SD card – information on the total and free capacity of the SD card

Date and Time 

  • Time – current time
  • Date – current date



  • Licence type – licence key type
  • Remaining hours – remaining hours of a time-limited licence, Unlimited for an unlimited licence
  • Status – Limited / Unlimited / Expired

Licence key types:

  • APP – allows third party applications to be loaded, this licence is active once the device is purchased.
  • LAUNCHER – allows 2N® IndoorTouch launcher to be switched to Android launcher
  • HTTP API – provides 2N® IndoorTouch control via API
  • MEET – allows 2N IndoorTouch launcher to be switched to the 2N® Meeting Room application. 



  • The original licence key will be overwritten by the new one! Be sure to use a valid licence key obtained from your supplier!


  • The APP licence unlocks the option to install user applications from a microSD card (SDHC) in 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 of up to 16 GB. If, however, any user applications are installed, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. does not guarantee a proper function and stability of such user applications and/or a correct function of the applications pre-installed in 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0. Should troubles occur, remove the user applications or reset the device factory values to get rid of the user applications and settings.