8.1 Troubleshooting

Trouble: The device always switches off the display before timeout. 

  • Advice: Check the device temperature. If improperly installed, 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 automatically turns into the stand-by mode to reduce the device temperature if critical to avoid forced turn-off / reset in extreme cases. The user is notified of this problem by a short display of the notification window. Display the current device temperature in the Setting section.

Trouble: The device does not start and remains in one of the LED states or gets restarted round and round.

  • Advice: Press and hold the Reset button on the device backside during the startup to restore the factory values automatically. If the trouble persists, upgrade the system via an SD card. If the trouble still persists, contact the Servicing centre.

Trouble: The device fails to emit sounds, even the incoming call ringing.

  • Advice: Check the volume setting and adjust the loudspeaker volume level if necessary with the Volume up/down buttons on the lower status bar.

For the most frequently asked questions refer to faq.2n.cz.