1.1 Product Description

Basic Features

  • 2N®LiftIP is primarily designed for sites where a LAN is available.
  • 2N® LiftIP is a Speakerphone on principle. This means that a microphone and a speaker built-in behind the lift button panel are used for bidirectional communication.
  • Connect 2N® LiftIP to your LAN using an RJ-45 connector. Feed 2N® LiftIP either from an external 10–30 V DC / 0.5 A power supply or directly from the LAN if equipped with PoE 802.3af supporting elements. 
  • 2N® LiftIP can only be used for making calls to pre-programmed numbers and cannot be misused for “calling at someone else's account".
  • Connection of an almost unlimited count of communicators is a great advantage.

Advantages of Use:

  • Basic announcement set playing
  • Optimum acoustic properties
  • Adjustable speaker volume via audio unit buttons (during a call)
  • Recording of up to 8-minute long announcements (10 user messages)
  • Recording of user digits in a language other than that of the voice menu
  • Check call function once in 3 days (programmable)
  • Function indication – two LEDs meeting the applicable lift regulations
  • Easy control and configuration – voice menu
  • Setting option via the Service Tool application
  • Automatic redialling of up to six numbers
  • Protection against unintentional/useless startup (CANCEL)
  • Call control from control centre
  • No additional power supply requirement if PoE is used
  • Easy installation into any lift button panel
  • Powerful indication options – illuminated pictograms (including bulbs)
  • DTMF via RFC-2833 or in-band