1.3 Upgrade

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the product in order to improve its qualities.

Manual version

Description of changes


  • First product/manual version
  • Direct SIP (calling without Proxy server)
  • Events (jammed button, rescue end, audio error)


  • IP camera and video call support (H.264)
  • Protocol logs (SIP, RTSP)
  • IO extender
  • Voice Alarm Station
  • LiftIP restart via Service Tool
  • Audio unit audio test change
  • New parameter 987 (LED signalling according to EN81-28)
  • New parameter 810 (Checking call timeout)
  • New parameter 811 (Manual checking call activation)
  • New parameter 990 (Enable operational calls at events)
  • New parameter 963 (Minimum button pressing time to trigger forced/test alarm)


  • The manufacturer keeps upgrading the software according to the customers‘ needs. The latest firmware version for the 2N® LiftIP software and the User Manual are available at www.2n.cz.
  • Refer to the Service Tool section for the 2N® LiftIP firmware upgrade details.